Low 2D:4D digit ratio + long pinky point to Extraversion in females!

October 15, 2012

After various digit ratio studies found conflicting results related to Extraversion & sensation seeking (most pointed into the direction of a negative correlation), a new Dutch 2012 study suggest that other finger lengths require to be taken into account in order to find more clear results!

 The (unpublished) results from a female only suggest that low 2D:4D digit ratio + long pinky finger are much more often found in the hands of ‘extroverts’ (8 out of 40 hands = 20%), while this combination is rarely seen in the hands of ‘introverts (0 out of 28 hands = 0%).

Additionally, a high 2D:4D digit ratio with short pinky finger is much more common in the hands of ‘introverts’ (5 out 28 hands = 18%),  compared to the hands of ‘extroverts’  (3 out of 40 hands = 7.5%).

More details:

13 Hand signs for Extraversion / Introversion


2 Responses to “Low 2D:4D digit ratio + long pinky point to Extraversion in females!”

  1. katie Says:

    My hand is exactly like the left one exept i have a “male” ratio and im introverted,care to explain? Just like im a masculine infertile female because of my ring finger, then how am i very sensitive bad at math good at languages hetero sexual fashion obsessed girl, oh and im also infertile right? Then why do we still use so many tests to determine fertility if we can just look at our fingers? *looks at hand* well ill never have children appearently. care to explain ?

    • fingerlengthdigitratio Says:

      Hello Katie,

      Thank you for your valid question!

      Yes, I can understand that it is a bit confusing to see that the 2D:4D digit ratio correlates with so many different issues. Now, regarding the dimension Extraversion-Introversion… it is important to compare the digit ratio with 5 other aspects of the hand; the details are described in this new article:

      (In isolation a ‘male’ digit ratio in a females does not reveal anything in specific, my study points out that a low 2D:4D digit ratio can be neutralized by the 5 other hand signs combined!)

      Does this make sense so far? 🙂

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