Left handed Barack Obama has a low ‘digit ratio’

Barack Obama will soon become the 7th ‘left-handed’ US president in history. The continued-discussion about the high number of ”left-handed’ US presidents became a little bit quite the past 8 years – George W. Bush was the first ‘right-handed’ US president after Jimmy Carter! (1977-1981) However, with the left-handedness of Barack Obama will likely fire-up this discussion again. By the way, John McCain is a ‘lefty’ as well!

Only recently a research was published at the University of Melbourne which reported that left-handednes can be linked to a ‘masculine’ digit ratio – which implicates that the length of the index finger is short than the length of the ring finger. The photo below illustrates that this hand-feature is also present in Barack’s left hand! And by the way, his right has the same characteristic.

Finger length shows your talent for math / literacy.

The Melbourne research finding is especially interesting in the perspective of the theory which links left-handedness to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb; this theory was published in 2004 in New Scientist. For, an important aspect of John Manning’s digit ratio research links low 2D:4D digit ratio to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb as well!

How to measure digit ratio!

The picture on the right provides some detailed guidelines to assess the digit ratio of Obama’s left. The 2D:4D digit ratio of his left hand is likely to be in the zone: 0.90 – 0.92. A very ‘masculine’ finger length ratio!


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Your hands & your sex life

Your hands & your sex life

Cupid’s Science

Anthropologist Helen Fisher explains what online dating sites can learn from the biology of love and what the length of your ring finger says about your sex life.

Last year you may have seen ads for Chemistry.com, the ones about people who have been rejected by online matchmaking sites like eHarmony for being gay, depressed, or generally unmarriageable for murkier reasons. In one ad, a young man stares hopefully at heterosexual p o r n, only to conclude, “Nope, still gay.” At Chemistry, spokespeople like to crow, you can “come as you are” (as long as you come as someone who is over 18).

The company is an offshoot of Internet meet-market Match.com, which has been around since 1994. In 2004, Match approached anthropologist Helen Fisher about designing a site where, like at the successful but restricted eHarmony, members would not shop blindly for dates, but would be matched with each other based on personality profiles and compatibility.

Fisher, whose work on s e x, love and the brain had made her an authority on human mating, developed a theory that human beings fall into four categories – negotiators, directors, explorers and builders – and that your type helps determine who you fall for.

Passage in the interview:

RT: What is this thing about your fingers? It’s on the Chemistry questionnaire.

HF: It’s called ‘digit ratio’ (finger length ratio). In the womb – during pregnancy – the brain is washed over by estrogen and testosterone. If you have a lot more testosterone than estrogen in the womb, it is going to build a longer fourth finger than pointer finger. If you’ve got a lot more estrogen in the womb, the pointer finger will be longer.

RT: What does it say about your personality?

HF: If you have more testosterone in the womb and you have a longer fourth finger, you’re more likely to have musical ability, mathematical abilities, to be an engineer or architect or good at computer programming. You tend to have poorer social skills but be direct, decisive, ambitious, competitive.

Cupid’s Science

Digit ratio and sexual preference.