Basketball on a finger.

Basketball on a finger.

Basketball fingers,
enemas & fat

You may have thought it was simply a matter of being able to grip and control the ball better, but according to researchers at the University of Alberta and the University of California-Riverside, individuals with longer fingers are more inclined to voluntarily participate in intense physical exertion.

The good news:

This means that if you absolutely detest exercising, it may not be due to laziness or lack of willpower; it might be that you’re just… short-handed.

The bad news:

Although the researchers [R.H. Yan, et al.] believe their findings are applicable to humans, the study actually involved 1,000 white mice. And you probably weren’t even aware that mice had fingers.

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Left handed Barack Obama has a low ‘digit ratio’

Barack Obama will soon become the 7th ‘left-handed’ US president in history. The continued-discussion about the high number of ”left-handed’ US presidents became a little bit quite the past 8 years – George W. Bush was the first ‘right-handed’ US president after Jimmy Carter! (1977-1981) However, with the left-handedness of Barack Obama will likely fire-up this discussion again. By the way, John McCain is a ‘lefty’ as well!

Only recently a research was published at the University of Melbourne which reported that left-handednes can be linked to a ‘masculine’ digit ratio – which implicates that the length of the index finger is short than the length of the ring finger. The photo below illustrates that this hand-feature is also present in Barack’s left hand! And by the way, his right has the same characteristic.

Finger length shows your talent for math / literacy.

The Melbourne research finding is especially interesting in the perspective of the theory which links left-handedness to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb; this theory was published in 2004 in New Scientist. For, an important aspect of John Manning’s digit ratio research links low 2D:4D digit ratio to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb as well!

How to measure digit ratio!

The picture on the right provides some detailed guidelines to assess the digit ratio of Obama’s left. The 2D:4D digit ratio of his left hand is likely to be in the zone: 0.90 – 0.92. A very ‘masculine’ finger length ratio!


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all amino acids that make up proteins in all living things are 100% left-handed!

Handedness is not only seen in human beings, it is also an important concept in biology: all amino acids that make up proteins in all living things are 100% left-handed!

Handedness & your finger length ratio:

Earlier this year researchers from the University of Melbourne have tested a new method of measuring Mannings ‘finger ratio’. They e.g. found in the hands of 600 students that the hands of right-handed students are characterized by longer fingers in the right hand (compared to the left hand).

Interestingly, the researchers also observed an effect between hand preference and the index/ring finger ratio. Left-handed subjects appeared to have a more ‘masculine pattern’: they had a lower 2D:4D ratio compared to right-handed subjects. This implicates that relative finger length can predict a person’s gender or their hand preference!

The method of measuring the ‘finger length ratio’ included a tube-test, which was compared with measurements on photocopied hands. The tubes test yielded a longer estimate of ring finger length compared to the photocopy method. Despite this, there was a strong correlation between the tests and both showed an association with gender.

By the way, the link between handedness (laterality) and right-left finger length difference was already noticed a few years ago by a Dutch psychologist, who described that the combination leftward thumb length, finger length & handpalm asymmetry can provide a strong indication for left handedness.

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* Source: Laterality

4D, Manning's index

Take a look at some of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘DIGIT RATIO‘:

The ‘DIGIT RATIO’ vocabulary in English language includes the words:
Finger ratio, 2D:4D ratio, 2nd to 4th ratio, 2th to 4th ratio, ring finger index finger ratio, finger length ratio, Manning’s index, Manning ratio, finger digit ratio, fingers ratio, finger size ratio

‘DIGIT RATIO’ synonyms in French language:
Indice de Manning

‘DIGIT RATO’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
Índice de Manning, ratio dedo de la mano

‘DIGIT RATIO’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
Manning índice, dedo rácio

‘DIGIT RATIO’ synonyms in German language:
Finger-Verhältnis, Manning-Verhältnis

‘DIGIT RATIO’ synonyms in Dutch language:
Vinger ratio, vingerlengte ratio, Manning ratio

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
Соотношение палец

The hand of Leonid Stadnyk is 31cm long - measured on the photo by his mother!

The hand of Leonid Stadnyk is 31cm long - measured on the photo by his mother!

Leonid Stadnyk playing with his mobile phone.

Leonid Stadnyk playing with his mobile phone.

Leonid Stadnyk has the largest living hand

In 2007 Leonid Stadnyk from Zhytomyr Oblast (Ukraïne) was recognized as the world’s tallest man on earth – his lenght was stated to be at: 2.59m (8 feet, 5 inches). But in 2008 Leonid Stadnyk refussed to be measured under the new Guinness World Records. Nevertheless, Leonid does appear to have the biggest palm on earth.

Leonid Stadnyk’s hand length measures 31cm. The present official world record holder Bao Xishun who measures 2.36m (a native of Inner Mongolia, China) – is said to have an arm length of 1.06m. So, it is very unlikely that Bao Xishun’s finger length exceeds Leonid’s finger length.

Despite the fact that Leonid Stadnik’s exact finger length (and digit ratio) is unknown, it is very likely that Leonid Stadnyk also has:


Leonid Stadnyk is believed to be the tallest living man in the world

Lee Redmond has the world’s longest fingernails
Devendra Harne has the world record: most fingers & toes

Finger length shows your talent for math / literacy.

Finger length shows your talent

Parents can possibly predict their children’s exam performance simply by looking at their hands. British psychologists have linked the results in English and maths tests to the finger length of 7 year old Briths schoolchildren. Pupils with a longer ring finger appear to be more likely to have a talent in math, while those with a shorter ring finger are more likely to have a talent in literacy.

Mark Brosnan, one of the British researchers at the University of Bath, said:

“Testosterone has been argued to promote development of the areas of the brain which are often associated with spatial and mathematical skills.”

“Oestrogen is thought to do the same in the areas of the brain which are often associated with verbal ability. Interestingly, these hormones are also thought to have a say in the relative lengths of our index and ring fingers. We can use measurements of these fingers as a way of gauging the relative exposure to these two hormones in the womb. And, as we have shown through this study, we can also use them to predict ability in the key areas of numeracy and literacy.”

The research project has been published in the British Journal of Psychology. The finger lengths of 75 seven-year-olds British schoolchildren was measured by using photocopies of both their right- and left palm.

Using the scores presented by ‘key stage’ English and maths tests, the researchers compared the measurements of the study group with their performance in the classroom. The researchers found that children with smaller digit ratios – a longer ring finger compared to the finger (+ a greater pre-natal exposure to testosterone) – were more likely to be better at maths than English.

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What does your ring finger say about your love life?

What does your ring finger say about your love life?

Finger length & sexual orientation:

The Science of Gaydar: The new research on everything from finger length ratio, fingerprints, handedness, voice pitch, hair whorl, & penis size.

If sexual orientation is biological, are the traits that make people seem gay innate, too?

A small constellation of researchers is specifically analyzing the traits and characteristics that, though more pronounced in some than in others, not only make us gay but also make us appear gay. Some of their research findings are reported below:


The relative lengths of our fingers offer another hint: The index fingers of most straight men are shorter than their ring fingers, while for most women they are closer in length, or even reversed in ratio. But some researchers have noted that gay men are likely to have finger-length ratios more in line with those of straight women, and a study of self-described “butch” lesbians showed significantly masculinized ratios.


A string of other studies, most of them conducted quietly and with small budgets, has offered up a number of other biological indicators. According to this research, for instance, gay men, like straight women, have an increased density of fingerprint ridges on the thumb and the pinkie of the left hand; and overall their arms, legs, and hands are smaller relative to stature (among whites but not blacks).


At first read, their findings seem like a string of unlinked, esoteric observations. Statistically, for instance, gay men and lesbians have about a 50 percent greater chance of being left-handed or ambidextrous than straight men or women.


The same goes for the way we hear, the way we process spatial reasoning, and even the ring of our voices. One study, involving tape-recordings of gay and straight men, found that 75 percent of gay men sounded gay to a general audience.


One study that supports the hyper-masculinity theory of male homosexuality involves penis size. An Ontario-based psychological researcher named Anthony Bogaert re-sorted Kinsey Institute data—in which 5,000 men answered detailed questions about their sex lives, practices, fantasies, and, it turns out, measurements of their erect organs—along sexual-orientation lines. Gay men’s penises were thicker (4.95 inches versus 4.80) and longer (6.32 inches versus 5.99). The measurements, it should be noted, were self-reported and perhaps involve reporting bias, but no one has done a study investigating whether gay men are more prone to exaggerating their assets, so, well, draw your own conclusions.

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The science of gaydar.
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Sex ID.

Sex ID.

Research says that your finger length ratio is related to your sex ID.

Research says that your finger length ratio is related to your sex ID.


What is Sex I.D.?:

Are men and women’s brains wired differently? You might know what sex you are on the outside – but what sex are you on the inside?

Some researchers say that men can have ‘women’s brains’ and that women can think more like men. Find out more about ‘brain sex’ differences by taking the Sex ID test, a series of visual challenges and questions used by psychologists in the BBC One television series Secrets of the Sexes:

  • Get a brain sex profile and find out if you think like a man or a woman.
  • See if you can gaze into someone’s eyes and know what they’re thinking.
  • See how your results relate to theories about brain sex.
  • Find out why scientists are interested in the length of your fingers + ‘thumb dominance’.

    The scientists behind Sex ID asked test takers a series of questions, some of which covered personal or sexual topics. The questions were included to help researchers learn more about brain sex differences. For example, they are interested to know how test takers’ finger measurements relate to the number of brothers and sisters they have. There is a theory that the amount of testosterone we are exposed to in our mothers’ wombs relates to the ratio of the length of our index fingers to the length of our ring fingers – our digit ratios. Furthermore, it’s thought that prenatal testosterone may increase or decrease systematically with each male child a woman has. Dr John Manning is particularly interested to learn if there is a link between testosterone and birth order. That’s why we asked test takers to measure their fingers and answer questions about their families.


    NOTICE: After taking the test you can compare your Sex I.D. with the results below of the men and women who did the test online during the BBC’s One Show.

    Results of the BBC Sex ID test.

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    Sex ID.

    Aggression is likely related to the male hormone testosterone.

    Aggression is likely related to the male hormone testosterone.

    John Manning wrote in his first book ‘Digit Ratio’:

    “Aggression may be viewed as hostile behavior motivated by fear and frustration … There is considerable uncertainty whether testosterone has a causal role in aggression, and other hormones such as cortisol may be equally or more important. In view of this uncertainty it may be instructive to examine whether the 2D:4D ratio or the lenght of the 4th digit adjusted for height are correlated with any forms of aggression including assertiveness, measures of status, verbal aggression, and physical aggression.”

    In his first book John Manning presented research which indicates that in both men and women a low digit ratio is frequently accompagnied with: “More aggressive and assertive behaviour”. Since then various studies have confirmed the relationships between aggressive behavior, high levels of testosterone, and a low digit ratio:

    An overview of some of the more recent scientific sources which have found a link between finger length and aggressive behavior:

    * The presence of aggression cues inverts the relation between digit ratio (2D:4D) and prosocial behaviour in a dictator game. – 2008

    * On the relation between 2D:4D and sex-dimorphic personality traits. – 2008

    * Finger length ratio (2D:4D) correlates with physical aggression in men but not in women. – 2005

    * Digit length ratios predict reactive aggression in women, but not in men. – 2004

    Finger length & athletic ability.

    Sexually facial characteristics.

    Sexually facial characteristics.

    Your finger length.

    Your finger length.

    Another finger secret:

    Your fing length ratio (2D:4D) appears to be related to prenatal testosterone and estrogen levels and pubertal face growth. Several studies have recently provided evidence that 2D:4D is associated with other-rated facial masculinity and dominance, but not with facialmetric measures of masculinity. The researchers found that localized face shape differences, shown here to be sexually dimorphic and related to ratings of dominance, were associated with direct and indirect measurements of 2D:4D.

    In this study Robert P. Burriss, Anthony C. Little, & Emma C. Nelson examined various localized features of the face, showing nose width, jaw angle, and lip height to be sexually dimorphic.

    The researchers from Research reported from The University of Liverpool (+ Stirling University) then had faces rated for dominance and saw that the most dimorphic characteristics were those most associated with rated dominance, with typically masculine characteristics tending to be associated with high ratings of dominance.

    Finally, 2D:4D measurements were made using three different techniques. High (feminine) values of 2D:4D were associated with feminine facial characteristics in women, but not in men. It was concluded that certain aspects of facial development are governed by factors that are established prenatally.

    These aspects may be associated with perceptions of the self by others that are important in the social environment, particularly in terms of intra-sexual competition and mate acquisition.


    Adult males have shorter up­per faces, for their width, than fe­males do, re­search­ers found. This male face is wid­er, as ap­par­ent from the yel­low ver­ti­cal lines when he is com­pared to the face above. Yet the up­per fa­cial height is about the same, as is ev­i­dent when com­par­ing him to the face left of him. The re­search­ers placed the yellow lines against fa­cial ref­er­ence points known as the na­si­on, zy­gion and pros­thi­on, shown at up­per left.

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