The right hand of Barack Obama!

Barack Obama.

The right hand of George W. Bush!

George W. Bush.

The right hand of Bill Clinton!

Bill Clinton.

The right hand of George H.W. Bush!

George H.W. Bush.

The right hand of Ronald Reagan!

Ronald Reagan.

The right hand of Jimmy Carter!

Jimmy Carter.

The right hand of Gerald Ford!

Gerald Ford.

The right hand of Richard Nixon!

Richard Nixon.

The right hand of Lyndon Johnson!

Lyndon Johnson.

Presidential palm readings: US presidents have a low 2D:4D finger ratio!

Earlier this year TIME presented a photo essay of the hands of the last 9 US presidents. Let’s take a look at the finger ratio of their right hand!

Barack Obama’s finger ratio:

Barack Obama’s right hand clearly shows a very low ‘2D:4D digit ratio’. An earlier report on his left hand presented a ‘2D:4D digit ratio’ estimation close to 0.90-0.92, and various photos indicate that the same zone is indicated for his right hand.

NOTICE: though his inauguration photo appears to present a slightly higher ratio – but in that photo his fingers are obviously not ‘stretched’ and therefore that photo should be ignored).

George W. Bush’s finger ratio:

His inauguration photo shows that George W. Bush’s right hand shows a low ‘2D:4D digit ratio’, which is likely close to 0.90.

Bill Clinton’s finger ratio:

There are not many photos available that are suitable for measuring Bill Clinton’s finger length but various photos indicate that Bill Clinton’s ‘2D:4D digit ratio’ is close to 0.96-0.97, which could be described as normal for a white male.

George H.W. Bush’s finger ratio:

His inauguration photo shows that George H.W. Bush’s right hand shows a low ‘2D:4D digit ratio’, which is likely close to 0.95-0.96.

Ronald Reagan’s finger ratio:

Ronald Reagan’s right waving hand shows clearly a very low ‘2D:4D digit ratio’, which is likely close to 0.90.

Jimmy Carter’s finger ratio:

Jimmy Carter’s right waving hand shows also a very low ‘2D:4D digit ratio’, which is likely close to 0.90.

Gerald Ford’s finger ratio:

Gerald Ford’s inauguration photo shows that his ring finger is (much) longer than his index finger – confirmed by his right hand waving photo – but in his case it’s hard to make a more detailed estimation beyond that his finger length ratio can definitely be described as: ‘below average’.

Richard Nixon’s finger ratio:

Richard Nixon’s right hand waving photo shows that his ring finger is definitely longer than his index finger: ‘below average’ and close to 0.95-0.96.

Lyndon Johnson’s finger ratio:

Lyndon Johnson’s inauguration photo shows that lowest ‘2D:4D digit ratio’ of all presidential men – likely below 0.89.


Five out of the last nine US presidents (Obama, G.W. Bush, Reagan, Carter & Johnson) have a very low digit ratio – close to 0.90 or even lower!

Only in Clinton’s right hand the ‘2D:4D finger ratio’ can be described as normal.


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Left handed Barack Obama has a low ‘digit ratio’

Barack Obama will soon become the 7th ‘left-handed’ US president in history. The continued-discussion about the high number of ”left-handed’ US presidents became a little bit quite the past 8 years – George W. Bush was the first ‘right-handed’ US president after Jimmy Carter! (1977-1981) However, with the left-handedness of Barack Obama will likely fire-up this discussion again. By the way, John McCain is a ‘lefty’ as well!

Only recently a research was published at the University of Melbourne which reported that left-handednes can be linked to a ‘masculine’ digit ratio – which implicates that the length of the index finger is short than the length of the ring finger. The photo below illustrates that this hand-feature is also present in Barack’s left hand! And by the way, his right has the same characteristic.

Finger length shows your talent for math / literacy.

The Melbourne research finding is especially interesting in the perspective of the theory which links left-handedness to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb; this theory was published in 2004 in New Scientist. For, an important aspect of John Manning’s digit ratio research links low 2D:4D digit ratio to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb as well!

How to measure digit ratio!

The picture on the right provides some detailed guidelines to assess the digit ratio of Obama’s left. The 2D:4D digit ratio of his left hand is likely to be in the zone: 0.90 – 0.92. A very ‘masculine’ finger length ratio!


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