STUDY FROM KOREA POINTS OUT: Penis Length does Correlate with the 2D:4D Finger Length Ratio!

July 5, 2011

Ron Jeremy, adult actor.

 JULY 4, 2011 – Finally… the long waited proof is now available: Korean researchers from the In Ho Choi of Gacheon University Gil Hospital, have pointed out that the popular ‘digit ratio‘ does correlate with penile length!

Finger professor John T. Manning had already pointed out in his second book ‘The Finger Book (2008) that a Greek study in the Naval and Veteran’s Hospital of Athens (2002) had pointed out that the length of the index finger correlates with the length, glans & volume of the penis. Manning commented (in ‘The Finger Book’):

“Spyropoulos and his collegues did not measure the remaining fingers, so we cannot be sure of their relationship to penis length. My guess is that they would have found the ring finger the strongest predictor, and that long ring fingers in relation to index fingers would be associated with longer penises.”

The new Korean study shows that John Manning – the ‘finger professor’ – was right… again!

Psychologist John T. Manning, a.k.a. the 'finger professor'.

The researchers from Korea found that the ratio between the second and fourth digits on men’s right hand correlate to the length of his flaccid and stretched penis. A lower index-to-ring finger length ratio indicates a longer (stretched) penis.

NOTICE: The table below is taken from the scientific article; it e.g. illustrates that likewise results were found for body length and penis length – for the ‘flaccid condition’ the result for body length were slightly higher than for the 2D:4D digit ratio, but in the ‘stretched condition’ finger length ratio was a better predictor for penis length!

The key to this relationship may lie in the womb, a team member added:

“During the fetal period, high concentrations of testosterone lead to high testicular activity, resulting in a lower digit ratio, in the present study, patients with a lower digit ratio tended to have a longer stretched penile length.”

The researchers also added that the length of the stretched and flaccid penis does show “a strong correlation” with an erect penile length.

The Korean report was published on july 4 in the Asian Journal of Andrology, and the scientific article is available at


How can we understand this correlation between finger lenght and penis length?

Let’s take a look at the hands of one of the biggest ‘stars’ in the adult industry today: Ron Jeremy. Jeremy is today known as the ‘best performing’ male adult star ever, he is e.g. listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films”, and he is noted for his 9.75-inch (~24.75 cm) penis (self-reported according Wikipedia).

How about his hands? His handprints are display at the entrence of Hustler’s Hollywood,  at the ‘Porn Stars Walk of Fame’ in West Hollywood, California – see the picture below. His 2D:4D digit ratio is estimated at 0.85… which is exceptionally low for a caucasian male!


‘Hands of fame’ – The hands of 93 celebrities & famous people!

Handprints of Ron Jeremy, adult actor.

One Response to “STUDY FROM KOREA POINTS OUT: Penis Length does Correlate with the 2D:4D Finger Length Ratio!”

  1. Josef Says:

    Uhh this doesn’t make since, my fingers are 4.5 inches long (extremely long,) and my penis is 8.5 inches long.

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