You think your children have the potential to be- or acheive something if you push long enough at the right buttons?  Forget it! It appears more and more that success has less and less to do with how hard you push them – nor with the length of their training hours. Their success will have more to do with … a combination of their finger lengths, belly button & DNA!

Researchers at Duke University checked out a hundred years of sprint records. They found that where a runner’s belly button is located determines how fast he or she will be able to run. That location tells them whether they have long or short torsos. The length of the torso is related to the length of the legs. And that, of course, determines their potential speed. 

This is why so many great sprinters are of West African origin. They have, on average, shorter torsos (higher belly buttons) and longer legs than runners of European origin.

If you are of European origin, take heart when it comes to swimming. Europeans’ longer torsos and shorter legs helps them swim faster.

My advice is that if you are white, and chased by a black, head for the water. And if you are black, chased by a white, run clear of the river.

Hold the presses. Jessica Bennett writes in Newsweek that handsome men earn, on average, 5 percent more than their less-attractive counterparts. Good-looking women, 4 percent more. Pretty people get more attention from teachers, bosses and mentors.

She says a majority of hiring managers say qualified but unattractive candidates have a harder time landing a job.

Various researchers claim your handedness – left or right – will get you into all sorts of fixes. Or get you out of them. They say mathematicians, musicians, architects and artists are more commonly left-handed. While only 10 percent of us are left-handed, 20 percent of the top performers in SAT tests are left-handed.

Meanwhile, if you are right-handed, you are more likely to develop arthritis. Sorry about that.

Next, we look at finger length. We compare the length of one to another. Researchers claim these lengths and ratios may determine if we are gay or straight. Or ambi-sexual.

Finger length may also predict our musical ability, say the researchers. Also our athletic ability.

Some reckon it predicts what speed we will be able to run at. (Stick that long finger in your high belly button and nobody will catch you.) They also believe our aggressiveness or passiveness is related to finger length. As well as our level of motivation. And our results on SAT tests. So is the likelihood of osteoarthritis and certain cancers.

Already parents-to-be are choosing the sex of their offspring. Imagine if docs ever offer them the chance to choose these other attributes. “We’d like a handsome boy with chops on the piano and top SAT’s. Straight, please. And make sure he can fix our cars. And support himself. And …”

And we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to predicting destiny fromour DNA. Nonetheless, it is already a brave new world.

A report by Tom Morgan.

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Internet study confirms: finger length is linked with handedness!

Handedness & your finger length ratio

While a few years ago early studies had identified a link between various hand characteristics and handness, last year the link was ‘officially’ confirmed in an Australian study that had used a new method for measuring finger length ratio. Now a new BBC internet study by the ‘finger professor’ John T. Manning has confirmed the earlier findings.


Digit ratio (2D:4D) and hand preference for writing in the BBC Internet Study.


“The ratio of the length of the second to the fourth digit (2D:4D) may be negatively correlated with prenatal testosterone. Hand preference has been linked with prenatal testosterone and 2D:4D. Here we show that 2D:4D is associated with hand preference for writing in a large internet sample (n>170,000) in which participants self-reported their finger lengths.”

“We replicated a significant association between right 2D:4D and writing hand preference (low right 2D:4D associated with left hand preference) as well as a significant correlation between writing hand preference and the difference between left and right 2D:4D or Dr-l (low Dr-l associated with left hand preference).”

“A new significant correlation between left 2D:4D and writing hand preference was also shown (high left 2D:4D associated with left hand preference). There was a clear interaction between writing hand preference and 2D:4D: The left 2D:4D was significantly larger than the right 2D:4D in male and female left-handed writers, and the right hand 2D:4D was significantly larger than the left hand 2D:4D in male and female right-handed writers.”


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Left handed Barack Obama has a low ‘digit ratio’

Barack Obama will soon become the 7th ‘left-handed’ US president in history. The continued-discussion about the high number of ”left-handed’ US presidents became a little bit quite the past 8 years – George W. Bush was the first ‘right-handed’ US president after Jimmy Carter! (1977-1981) However, with the left-handedness of Barack Obama will likely fire-up this discussion again. By the way, John McCain is a ‘lefty’ as well!

Only recently a research was published at the University of Melbourne which reported that left-handednes can be linked to a ‘masculine’ digit ratio – which implicates that the length of the index finger is short than the length of the ring finger. The photo below illustrates that this hand-feature is also present in Barack’s left hand! And by the way, his right has the same characteristic.

Finger length shows your talent for math / literacy.

The Melbourne research finding is especially interesting in the perspective of the theory which links left-handedness to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb; this theory was published in 2004 in New Scientist. For, an important aspect of John Manning’s digit ratio research links low 2D:4D digit ratio to an overabundance of testosterone in the womb as well!

How to measure digit ratio!

The picture on the right provides some detailed guidelines to assess the digit ratio of Obama’s left. The 2D:4D digit ratio of his left hand is likely to be in the zone: 0.90 – 0.92. A very ‘masculine’ finger length ratio!


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all amino acids that make up proteins in all living things are 100% left-handed!

Handedness is not only seen in human beings, it is also an important concept in biology: all amino acids that make up proteins in all living things are 100% left-handed!

Handedness & your finger length ratio:

Earlier this year researchers from the University of Melbourne have tested a new method of measuring Mannings ‘finger ratio’. They e.g. found in the hands of 600 students that the hands of right-handed students are characterized by longer fingers in the right hand (compared to the left hand).

Interestingly, the researchers also observed an effect between hand preference and the index/ring finger ratio. Left-handed subjects appeared to have a more ‘masculine pattern’: they had a lower 2D:4D ratio compared to right-handed subjects. This implicates that relative finger length can predict a person’s gender or their hand preference!

The method of measuring the ‘finger length ratio’ included a tube-test, which was compared with measurements on photocopied hands. The tubes test yielded a longer estimate of ring finger length compared to the photocopy method. Despite this, there was a strong correlation between the tests and both showed an association with gender.

By the way, the link between handedness (laterality) and right-left finger length difference was already noticed a few years ago by a Dutch psychologist, who described that the combination leftward thumb length, finger length & handpalm asymmetry can provide a strong indication for left handedness.

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* Source: Laterality

What does your ring finger say about your love life?

What does your ring finger say about your love life?

Finger length & sexual orientation:

The Science of Gaydar: The new research on everything from finger length ratio, fingerprints, handedness, voice pitch, hair whorl, & penis size.

If sexual orientation is biological, are the traits that make people seem gay innate, too?

A small constellation of researchers is specifically analyzing the traits and characteristics that, though more pronounced in some than in others, not only make us gay but also make us appear gay. Some of their research findings are reported below:


The relative lengths of our fingers offer another hint: The index fingers of most straight men are shorter than their ring fingers, while for most women they are closer in length, or even reversed in ratio. But some researchers have noted that gay men are likely to have finger-length ratios more in line with those of straight women, and a study of self-described “butch” lesbians showed significantly masculinized ratios.


A string of other studies, most of them conducted quietly and with small budgets, has offered up a number of other biological indicators. According to this research, for instance, gay men, like straight women, have an increased density of fingerprint ridges on the thumb and the pinkie of the left hand; and overall their arms, legs, and hands are smaller relative to stature (among whites but not blacks).


At first read, their findings seem like a string of unlinked, esoteric observations. Statistically, for instance, gay men and lesbians have about a 50 percent greater chance of being left-handed or ambidextrous than straight men or women.


The same goes for the way we hear, the way we process spatial reasoning, and even the ring of our voices. One study, involving tape-recordings of gay and straight men, found that 75 percent of gay men sounded gay to a general audience.


One study that supports the hyper-masculinity theory of male homosexuality involves penis size. An Ontario-based psychological researcher named Anthony Bogaert re-sorted Kinsey Institute data—in which 5,000 men answered detailed questions about their sex lives, practices, fantasies, and, it turns out, measurements of their erect organs—along sexual-orientation lines. Gay men’s penises were thicker (4.95 inches versus 4.80) and longer (6.32 inches versus 5.99). The measurements, it should be noted, were self-reported and perhaps involve reporting bias, but no one has done a study investigating whether gay men are more prone to exaggerating their assets, so, well, draw your own conclusions.

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