Finger length of stock traders’ might predict their financial success!

January 13, 2009

their finger length!

The index- vs. ring finger ratio relates to the financial success of stock traders

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered that the financial traders’ success may depend more on their biological traits than on their ability to make rational choices. Rather remarkable: the finger length of the London stock traders appear to be related to the amount of their earnings.

The researchers report that stock traders with a lower digit ratio (the ratio between the index finger and the ring finger) made an average of 679,680 pounds (or about $1 million U.S.), compared with 61,320 pounds ($90,956 U.S.) by those with a higher ratio, the report said. Those stock traders with a lower digit ratio of 0.93, on average, earned 10 times more than those with an average ratio of 0.988. Men typically have a ratio below 1, indicating their ring fingers are longer, Coates said. Women typically have a ratio of 1 or above.

Why? The explanation is actually very complex: testosterone, a steroid hormone, surges between the 9th and 18th week of gestation, exerting powerful organizing effects on the developing body and brain. According to both animal and human studies, these effects may include increased confidence, risk-preferences and search persistence, as well as heightened vigilance and quickened reaction times.


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