How your finger length relates to your body height!

December 9, 2008

Finger length.

Finger length appears to be related to body height.

Finger length relates to body height:

Earlier this year a Turkish study reported that in a sample of 386 right handed students, body height was found to correlate negatively with the right- and left hand digit ratios (significant for the left hand in men, and the right hand in women). This implicates that in both males and females evidence was found that a ‘low digit ratio’ is more frequently found in people who has a long body height.


‘Finger Guru’ John T. Manning presented in his first book Digit Ratio an overview of data related to the ‘digit ratio’ in various populations. This data (Manning, Barley, et al.; 2000) points out that e.g. in Spanish & British people (both populations for both men and women) a significant HIGHER ‘2D:4D digit ratio’ (the ratio between the index- and ring finger) was found, compared to for example the finger ratios in Finish & German people (again in both populations for both men and women).

Interestingly, especially Spanish people, and in a lesser degree British people as well, are known for their (relatively) short body height – while Germans & Fins are known for their moderelately longer body height (compared to the Spanish & British): see the figure below. This implicates that there appears to be a strong link between the Turkish study which was published in 2008, and the earlier population evidence mentioned by Manning!!

Body height in various populations.

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2 Responses to “How your finger length relates to your body height!”

  1. fingerlengthdigitratio Says:

    Hello Littlehandguy!

    Sounds very interesting! Please contact me via my website Maybe we can write an article about your very short hands!?

    Best wishes from The Netherlands,

    Martijn van Mensvoort.

    PS. I am also the moderator of this finger length blog.

  2. littlehandguy Says:

    Excellent site, the volume and technicality of the information is awesome. I have an interest in these topics, since I have what are probably the smallest hand-to-body ratio out of any male on Earth. I’m not being hyperbolic, either! I’m 5′ 7″ with fully articulated hands, in relative size ratio to a 10 year old girl. My wrists taper , allowing them to appear in normal perspective with my hands. But thats where normalcy ends. My hands are the same size as my mother, who is 5 inches shorter and 25 pounds lighter at 5′ 2″ and 130 pounds. I believe there was a hormonal imbalance during gestation, as the characteristics of my hands also have very feminine expression, I believe. I have had several comments on them in my life, most from complete strangers and probably would have had many many more if not for a certain (but waning) politeness in the Canadian culture.

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