Your finger length and sexually facial characteristics!

November 1, 2008

Sexually facial characteristics.

Sexually facial characteristics.

Your finger length.

Your finger length.

Another finger secret:

Your fing length ratio (2D:4D) appears to be related to prenatal testosterone and estrogen levels and pubertal face growth. Several studies have recently provided evidence that 2D:4D is associated with other-rated facial masculinity and dominance, but not with facialmetric measures of masculinity. The researchers found that localized face shape differences, shown here to be sexually dimorphic and related to ratings of dominance, were associated with direct and indirect measurements of 2D:4D.

In this study Robert P. Burriss, Anthony C. Little, & Emma C. Nelson examined various localized features of the face, showing nose width, jaw angle, and lip height to be sexually dimorphic.

The researchers from Research reported from The University of Liverpool (+ Stirling University) then had faces rated for dominance and saw that the most dimorphic characteristics were those most associated with rated dominance, with typically masculine characteristics tending to be associated with high ratings of dominance.

Finally, 2D:4D measurements were made using three different techniques. High (feminine) values of 2D:4D were associated with feminine facial characteristics in women, but not in men. It was concluded that certain aspects of facial development are governed by factors that are established prenatally.

These aspects may be associated with perceptions of the self by others that are important in the social environment, particularly in terms of intra-sexual competition and mate acquisition.


Adult males have shorter up­per faces, for their width, than fe­males do, re­search­ers found. This male face is wid­er, as ap­par­ent from the yel­low ver­ti­cal lines when he is com­pared to the face above. Yet the up­per fa­cial height is about the same, as is ev­i­dent when com­par­ing him to the face left of him. The re­search­ers placed the yellow lines against fa­cial ref­er­ence points known as the na­si­on, zy­gion and pros­thi­on, shown at up­per left.

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2 Responses to “Your finger length and sexually facial characteristics!”

  1. JM Says:

    well with the finger relations they seemed to have only measured right hands. I am left handed ( well i write with my left hand, throw a baseball and shoot a hockey puck with my left hand) i kick a soccer ball with my right leg for the most part im pretty much left handed. So would the finger test be in revers for me, well my right hand ring finger measured longer than my index finger but on my left hand it apeared to be the same length. THe ring finger was a hair line above, not as dominant as my right hand. Also I am double jointed in my hands. I dont believe this test is very accurate in regards to hand size. There was research being done on brain patterns of hetero sexual men and women verse homo sexual men and women and the conclusion was; gaymen brain waves : straight womens where almost identicle and lesbian women : straight men where the same result. Factors such as hand length im not certain as bieng a determining factor or something you could base a judment on. However the brain scan intruiged me.

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