Hands up!!! How your fingers reveal so much about you…

October 11, 2008

The Finger Book

The Finger Book

Hands up!

John Manning explains: “When we look at our fingers, we may think they are beautiful, ugly, refined, or stubby. We use them to eat, gesticulate, carry, point. But what do they tell us about our personalities?”
“Our fingers provide us with a wealth of evidence about how men and women differ, and how they are programmed before birth to show certain behaviour patterns and likelihood of getting certain diseases.”

“As a fascinating new book explains, the length of our ring and index fingers can greatly influence our personality, health and abilities.”

“The early growth of our ring finger is sensitive to levels of testosterone – the so-called “male hormone”, in the womb (as the testosterone receptors are more densely packed along the finger), and the longer our ring finger the more “masculine” we will turn out to be.”

“The relative length of our ring and index fingers – our “finger ratio” – therefore speaks volumes about the balance of maleness and femaleness of our body and brain.”

“A long ring finger is not universal, but characteristic of men. A long index finger is found in many men, but overall it is characteristic of women as a group.”

“After years of research, during which I conducted many experiments, I have concluded that there are many fascinating different things our fingers can tell us.”


  • How your fingers reveal so much about you
  • Finger length news & research
  • If your ring finger is longer than your index finger...

    If your index finger is longer than your ring finger...


    10 Responses to “Hands up!!! How your fingers reveal so much about you…”

    1. chichichichichic Says:

      I’d have to disagree. I have a longer index finger than ring finger, yet I endure rigorous exercise, and am a woman stronger than the average man. It is very easy for me to build muscle mass, so this thing is not really a sovereign law in any sort of way.

      • fingerlengthdigitratio Says:

        That is correct, we are not talking about ‘sovereign law’ – we are only debating ‘statistically significant results’, which should not be applied to every individual.

    2. blub Says:

      I’m male and straight other than that I really should have a longer index finger.
      This is just crap, the thing is that you just might have had more testosterone when you weren’t even born.
      (don’t say my verbal skills suck, but English is a foreign language to me and I have never been to an English speaking country)

      • fingerlengthdigitratio Says:

        Hello ‘Blub’,

        It is so simple to describe experimental research as “this is just crap”. Though I agree that the ‘finger length & testosterone hypothesis’ has at least some speculative aspects, your conclusion doesn’t make sense at all … blub, blub … maybe you just demonstrated how easily one can drown in a prejudgement.

        Have fun!!


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    4. […] Recently Roger Dobson – author at MailOnline.co.uk presented an interesting article titled: ‘Tall, short – or got a small head? Here’s what your physique reveals about your health’. In his article he described how various body dimensions – varying from your height to your foot size – can indicate a wealth of information about your risk of conditions, from cancer through to dementia and heart disease. You can read below what Roger Dobson wrote about the 2D:4D finger length ratio – a hand characterstic that has become very well-known in the past few years through the work and the two books of ‘the finger’ Professor John T. Manning […]

    5. brenden Says:

      i don’t genuinely ‘believe’ this article with all my heart. but it’s interesting to observe the similarities between the research and actual facts 😛

    6. brenden Says:

      on my left hand my index finger is longer
      on my right hand my ring finger is longer
      does that make me split-personality? i DO have asthma, hay fever, a good vocab.. BUT i also write left handed and play drums. i’m normally introverted and not attention-seeking, but i am sometimes quite outgoing.

      i’m not normally one to believe something like this, but is it normal to have BOTH of these experiments applicable to me?

      • fingerlengthdigitratio Says:

        Hello Brenden,

        It is not very unusual to see a (small) difference between both hands. So, because you do not describe that the difference between your left hand and right hand is very large, your hands appear to be quite normal.

        For sure, this does not make you a split-personality!!

        PS. The results of ‘digit ratio’ research is no matter of ‘believe’ … however, only in rare (unusual) cases you can make hard conclusions.

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